Best Waterproof Tent Ever

Camped in the cold in Tasmania
Camped in a Tao’t Bato village in the jungle of Philippines

OK so this tent is not completely waterproof, as you probably know nothing is. But if you’re looking for a tent that’s absolutely rainproof look no further. If you’re a fan of Bush Channel you would’ve seen this gnarly looking tent many times. We have used the Rab eVent tent on dozens of trips. It’s been through desert, bush, snow and even jungle. eVent fabric is the modern improvement on Goretex, it is ultra breathable. Once you’ve slept in an eVent tent you wont feel comfortable camping without it 🙂

At Bush Channel we will only recommend gear that we believe is exceptional. If you wish to purchase this ultra comfy tent follow the product link below. Currently it is only made in red.

To purchase the latest model of the tent seen in our videos: